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Return Goods Policy

Unichem Pharmaceuticals (USA), Inc. (“Unichem”) is committed to excellence in customer service and satisfaction. Subject to the conditions set forth in this policy, Unichem will accept returns of its pharmaceutical products and issue a credit as appropriate.


Effective May 18, 2020, all products eligible for return and consideration for reimbursement must be returned to Unichem’s approved return goods service contractor, Inmar RX Solutions, Inc. (“Inmar”), at the following address and in accordance with the following procedures:

Unichem Pharmaceuticals (USA), Inc.
C/O Inmar RX Solutions, Inc.
3845 Grand Lakes Way, Suite 125
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050

Unichem requires that prior to shipping return goods a Return Authorization (RA) must be obtained in order to be eligible for reimbursement. Once an RA has been issued, return goods need to be promptly shipped to Inmar. All product listed on the RA should be shipped at the same time. To create and obtain a Return Authorization (“RA”) please use one of the below options:

  1. visit the Inmar website at Inmar’s website at (a PDF copy of your debit memo will need to be uploaded),
  2. E-mail the debit memo to Inmar at Include: NDC#; lot#; and the expiration date(s) assigned to each item, or
  3. Fax your debit memo to Inmar at +1 (817) 868-5343.

PLEASE NOTE: All third-party return processors must contact Inmar for a RA.

Each return shipment must contain a copy of a Debit Memo and issued RA in each shipping box/package. The Inmar supplied RA label should be affixed to the outside of each shipping package. If a return shipment has multiple packages, a copy of the Debit Memo and RA should be placed in each. Each return shipment box/package should contain product from only one provider.

All controlled products must be packaged separately from non-controlled products.

It is suggested that the return be insured, and records kept. Unichem is not responsible for shipments lost in transit to Inmar.


All returns of product must include a Debit Memo and RA as provided by Inmar. Product received without required information will be processed for destruction, and no reimbursement shall be issued.

The following information must be provided for RA requests to be eligible for reimbursement:

  • Valid originating Customer name and mailing address
  • Remit To name and mailing address for reimbursement by check (if applicable)
  • Current Authorized Distributor of Record for reimbursement via credit (if applicable)
  • Debit Memo Number or another unique identifier
  • Originating Customer Identification (ex: DEA Registration #, HIN, or NPI)
  • Product NDC,
  • Lot Number, Expiration Date
  • Quantity
  • Item Description
  • Reason for Return
  • Returning Entity Name – who prepared and shipped the return (Return Processor, if applicable)
  • Identification of contract pricing and associated contract identifier (if applicable)
  • Returning Entity DEA Registration # (Required when returning Controlled SubstanceNote: Each originating customer must be assigned a unique debit memo number.
  • Note: Product returned that was purchased at a contracted price (examples: GPO and 340B) must include notation on the accompanying documentation that the Product was purchased at a contracted price and include all applicable identification (examples: DEA Registration #, HIN and HRSA assigned 340B identifier).


  • Product within six (6) months of expiration date and up to twelve (12) months past the expiration date. Product must be in original, sealed, full, unopened Unichem (USA), Inc. containers. Product must have a valid Unichem (USA), Inc. lot number and expiration date.
  • Concealed damage discovered upon package opening.
  • Unichem will only accept returns from customers who have purchased the products directly from Unichem Pharmaceuticals (USA), Inc.


Products shipped in error by Unichem or products damaged in transit must be reported to Unichem within ten (10) working days of package receipt and must be returned within twenty-five (25) days of receipt. Contact Unichem Customer Service via email at For additional information please call +1 (866) 931-0704.


  • A valid Return Authorization (RA) Number must accompany all returns for proper credit.
  • RA Numbers are VALID for 30 days from issuance. Expired RA Numbers will be considered invalid and no credit will be issued.
  • All products must be returned to Unichem, c/o Inmar RX Solutions, Inc. within thirty (30) days of receipt by customer to receive credit. Products that have been destroyed by customers or agent of customer will not receive credit.
  • Product must be in original, sealed, full, unopened, unadulterated Unichem container to receive full credit. Partial products are not allowed, except where mandated by state statute. i.e. Georgia, North Carolina and Mississippi.
  • Reimbursement price will be based on the lower of the (1) original net invoice or net contract price or (2) current net invoice / contract price.  If the mentioned pricing is unavailable for the end customer, then Unichem will use a predetermined product price which will be considered the final return value.  Collectively referred to as the “Reimbursement Final Price”.
  • Product must be returned by the customer who purchased the product from Unichem Credit will be issued to direct accounts only.
  • Returned products will be verified by Unichem and the final credit will be calculated based upon Unichem count.
  • Unichem reserves the right to reject claims where the total return value exceeds one percent (1%) of the previous calendar year’s customer purchases of Unichem product.   Note: Prior year’s sales would be prorated for a full year if the prior calendar year sales did not represent a full 12-month period.  
  • All returns are subject to review by Unichem Issuance of RA number does not guarantee credit. Credit issuance is dependent on confirmed receipt/review of returned goods. Unauthorized returned goods will be destroyed, and credit will not be issued.
  • All third-party returns must be authorized by Unichem
  • Unichem will not reimburse fees due to processing third-party returns, destruction charges, and shipping costs or processing.
  • Product returned without the authorization form will be destroyed without credit.
  • Credit will be issued in the form of a credit memo only. Cash will not be issued.
  • Transportation charges are to be prepaid by the customer.


  • Items purchased at a special price or reduced cost as part of a one-time buy-in offer and/or short-dated product purchase.
  • Private label, repackaged products or products not in the original container.
  • Product involved in salvage, bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings.
  • Product for which proof of purchase cannot be verified.
  • Product more than twelve (12) months past the expiration date.
  • Product returned by anyone other than the original purchaser.
  • Product that has deteriorated because of heat, cold, water, smoke or other improper storage.
  • Product damaged due to fire, flood or other events.
  • Overstocked customer inventory.
  • Product purchased by federal or state entities for stockpiling purposes
  • Free goods including but not limited to donation, samples, etc. plus product sold on a non-returnable basis.
  • Product with unknown or unidentifiable lot numbers.
  • Batched returns from multiple providers and/or not disclosed on the Debit Memo.
  • Expired return with a returnable debit memo value of $25 or less.

Other Terms:

  • Unichem may at its sole discretion: (i) make exceptions to the return goods policy based on extenuating circumstances; (ii) reject any customer claim deemed unfounded; and (iii) make changes to the return goods policy at any time.
  • Unichem reserves the right to impose a handling fee on all returned

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